50 Foot Wave

yesterday, i had a musical moment of clarity involving the band, 50 Foot Wave. for those of you who may not know, this band is fronted by Kristin Hersh, known for the Throwing Muses as well as her own solo work. anyway, i had bought the album when it was first released. i liked it, but i didn't love it. yesterday, that changed. i had it loaded up on my nano. walking to the train station after work, i wanted something aggressive and loud, so i clicked this album. listening this time, it was different. maybe it was my state of mind after a long day, and week, at work. i had caught up to where this album was. everything about it clicked with me and i was practically bouncing down the street. listen for the line where she kinda half-whispers, "i'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair" and then screams "and soap him into my eyes!"...man, that had me grinning a wicked grin.

clickety click, bitches:
http://www.throwingmusic.com/freemusic/ (download)
http://www.throwingmusic.com/catalog/ (purchase)
http://www.beestung.com/ (muses and km live sets)
http://www.throwingmusic.com/blog/ kristin's blog


Stef said...

Hmmm... Another band I've never heard of. I should get out more!

I was walking down Oxford Street in London the other day (absolutely crazy at this time of year) and put Faithless on my iRiver. Just the ticket.

I find Death in Vegas particularly good on the subway too.

robot_hero said...

i like what i've heard of death in vegas. i have only the scorpio rising album.

i haven't heard faithless, i'll have to check them out sometime.

Stef said...

You haven't heard Faithless?! They're massive here!

Get Sunday 8pm by Faithless. A classic!

As for Death In Vegas, the Contino Sessions is the one to get. By far and away thier best.

robot_hero said...

cool, i will fire up the old soulseek and search these out.