every time it rains, you're here in my head

  1. sat in your lap
  2. james and the cold gun (live)
  3. babooshka
  4. running up that hill (a deal with god)
  5. night of the swallow
  6. l'amour looks something like ou
  7. this woman's work
  8. under the ivy
  9. hounds of love (alternative mix)
  10. the wedding list
  11. suspended in gaffa
  12. cloudbusting (the organon mix)
  13. how to be invisible
  14. under ice
  15. oh to be in love
  16. the handsome cabin boy
  17. the man with the child in his eyes
  18. the infant kiss
  19. wuthering heights
  20. waking the witch


Stef said...

A nice little collection, I haven't listened to some of those tracks in years. Will have to queue it all up and give it a listen.

Let us know what you friend thinks when you give it to them.

robot_hero said...

i posted it off to her today

robot_hero said...

she emailed me yesterday...

> > Now, my turn for thanks. I got your Kate Bush CD on Tuesday.
> I'm listening to it now on my second go round. I really appreciate
> it. I'm somewhat liking it. I can totally understand why you'd
> like her. She's a passionate woman with a gorgeous voice. And I
> like her weird ass pronunciation of a lot of words when she sings.
> What I don't like is the very 80s production and guitar solos on a lot of
> the tracks! Hey, I had a rave/techno song that sampled "Cloudbusting"
> and I always wondered who it was. Now I know! The ravey tune is
> actually really good but I only have it on CASSETTE. Argh.

better than i hoped for, i wasn't sure she'd like kate bush at all. s'all good.