twelve year itch

while on my lunchbreak, i walked over to virgin records today and picked up the new kate bush album. i listened to both discs a couple times this afternoon. initial impressions:

i'd always suspected, and now it's been proven, that kate bush could sing all (well, not all...) the numbers of pi ("pi") and make it sound goddamn good. she also sings about dirty laundry and washing machines ("mrs. bartolozzi") and it's engaging. the song about her son ("bertie") is really pretty, it's arranged like a traditional irish song, or at least how i'd imagine a traditional irish song to sound. "king of the mountain" doesn't sound as electric as it did when i first heard it. i think that's because a bit of the excitement may have worn off. or perhaps there's a difference between the album version and the single.

the second disc felt a little more dreamy to me, but that may have been because i was exceptionally sleepy at work. probably post-lunch coma. i wasn't too keen on the male voice in "the painter's link", but that may take some time, kinda like "jig of life" did. the last few tracks, especially "nocturn", were spectacular.

the new site is active, and i'm sure all the fansites are buzzing with activity and praise.



Stef said...

My copy arrived yesterday so I'm listening to Aerial for the first time right now...

It certainly sounds like Kate and you're right about her singing about laundry and stuff. How yampy is that?!

My initial impressions are a more Red Shoes than Dreaming though unfortunately, there doesn't really seem to be any urgency to any of the songs which is a shame as historically they've been some of her best.

I shall stick it on my MP3 player and give it another play through with headphones on and see how it goes then.

robot_hero said...

i've been gravitating to the second disc. it kinda floats more than the first disc. it reminds me of the second half of hounds of love. i agree that aerial is lacking in urgency (nice choice of word!), but it's much better than the red shoes. i'm enjoying it.

Stef said...

The second disc is indeed better. Except for How to Be Invisible which is great!

Shame it's in a crappy cardboard sleeve.