city mouse or country mouse?

as much as i love san francisco, i've been thinking lately of living somewhere rural. i'm just tired of the crackheads and screaming sirens. tired of wondering if someone's fucking with my car. tired of the city workers with their jackhammers, creating new potholes in the streets so they can fill them again. i'm tired of being asked for spare change when i can't really spare any. i wonder what it would be like to live somewhere that's not easily accessible. it might be cool. i dunno, just thinking.


Sharon said...

I live somewhere rural, and inaccessible, and all that business. All it means is it takes longer to get to work, and you can't go to as many gigs.

Stef said...

Not sure I could cope with somewhere rural and remote... I know what you mean about being tired though. I just spent a week in London and I feel drained but have just come back to Bristol (smaller, a bit more provincial without being a hick-town) and it is a much more pleasant place to be.

Maybe just somewhere less mental than SF. Mind you, it's hard to move cities in the US without leaving your friends and family far away, my friends and family are in 4 different cities but none of them are more than 2hrs drive away... Only in Europe!