the world of warcraft

i play world of warcraft with some friends. it's enjoyable and addictive. we play a lot, while chatting and talking shit to each other. we're on a pvp server, so we get the added attraction of being able to kill players of the opposing faction. there are two factions, horde and alliance. we're horde, who are the evil baddies. my character is an undead rogue. very fun. here are a few screenshots i've taken recently.

these first two pix are me attacking this alliance guy who went afk. he tried to hide in a lake, but his head was barely sticking out so he wouldn't drown. so i killed him. the second pic is his body hanging in the water. i love that graphic, it looks so real. yeah, i'm desensitized.

the third pic is a paladin i killed. normally, paladins are a bitch to kill. this one was dumb. she tried to kill two monsters at the same time. she finished one off, and i jumped in and killed her while she was trying to kill the second one. after killing her, i had to finish off her monster.

this one is amusing. during the couple weeks leading up to halloween, costumes were implemented in the game. you would go to the local innkeeper and trick or treat them. every so often you'd get a wand that would transform you into something else. in this case, i was turned into a bat. so we were playing in arathi basin (which is like a team-based pvp area) and i left the bat costume on to see what would happen. you can kinda see me in the middle of the pic. the alliance people pretty much ignored me, but got wise after a while. the funniest thing is this horde character called Eatbanana who notices what's going on and calls me "first cuff" in general chat (my character name is Fisticuff). english is probably not his first language (not meant to be racist, just an amusing example of imperfect english). as my cousin would say, how cute.

this last one is just me plowing thru some lower level area while chatting with my cousin. good times.

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Stef said...

I flunked my degree thanks to Doom, I've since avoided computer games in case I end up losing my livelyhood!