The King Crimson Barber Shop

It's nice to know that a band can have a little fun at their own expense. When I think of King Crimson, they're such amazing musicians that I tend to think of them as "serious artists" (whatever that means), despite Adrian Belew's whacked out and sometimes whimsical lyrics. The King Crimson Barber Shop gives me a good chuckle. The first time I had heard it, on the Frame By Frame box set, it was so unexpected. I remember looking at the box set track list, The King Crimson Barber Shop kinda stuck out and I wondered what the hell it could be. According to the liner notes, Tony Levin came up with it. After its appearance on the box set,  the track showed up on the reissue of Three of a Perfect Pair, so I'm guessing it's a b-side from those sessions.

King Crimson - The King Crimson Barber Shop

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