The only time I miss you is every single day

I first came across Jessica Lea Mayfield a couple years ago. She covered Buddy Holly's Words of Love, one of the few bright spots on a mostly crappy Starbucks Valentine's Day compilation disc. I know, I know, what else would I expect from a Starbucks comp? On the strength of that track, however, I picked up her then current first album, With Blasphemy So Heartfelt. It took a bit, but her bittersweet and damaged love songs have grown on me. For someone so young (she's 21 now, with two albums under her belt), she certainly sounds world-weary, like she's slogging through yet another twisted relationship. Also, there's something about her delivery that I really like, the sound of the south in her voice. Anyway, her new album, Tell Me, is out now and I think it's pretty good.

Jessica Lea Mayfield - Our Hearts Are Wrong


* said...

yep that was pretty good, another name to add to the list of artist I got from you. thanks

robot hero said...

cheers, thanks for coming by.