10 gods, 10 queens

Originally, I wasn't planning on going to see PJ Harvey this coming April. Nothing she did would ever top this show I saw her play. My cousin has an extra ticket, though, and her boyf isn't too keen on Polly Jean. Plus Let England Shake is really, really great...so I'm there.

In 2004, to mark the end of the Uh Huh Her tour, PJ Harvey played a semi-acoustic gig at London's Royal Court Theatre. It sounds like it was recorded for a radio broadcast (BBC, I presume), there's an intro and interview at the beginning. This show has one of my favorite renditions of 50ft Queenie. It's toned down due to the acoustic instrumentation, but still smolders with intensity, almost like she's waiting to erupt. I'm really looking forward to her tearing it up again.

PJ Harvey - 50ft Queenie

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