Angel sighs surround me

I just pre-ordered the new Asobi Seksu album, Fluorescence. I don't even have a turntable at the moment, but this pink vinyl edition looks so delicious, I had to get it. I've also been listening to the album a lot (some mp3s fell off the back of the internet and onto my hard drive) and I really like it. It's good to hear Yuki's voice again, seems like forever since they put out some new material. They're playing SF in March, too, I'm excited about that. Come out if you can, I'll be there. In the meantime, you can pre-order the album over at the Polyvinyl site.

Asobi Seksu > Perfectly Crystal


Delaney Kay said...

Get a record player, man!
It's more than worth it.
I've already pre-ordered the album.
I may pass out from the beauty.

robot hero said...

yeah, i have one on order now. thanks for stopping by!