You and I, meant for each other

After finding that cool remix in the previous post, I decided to delve a bit more into the world of Sweet Trip. They have a new album coming in September, so I'm hoping they play some local shows. There are some really cool mp3s on their site, my favorite of which is called Noise is a Social Skill. I love the glitchy electronic pop sound augmented by the boy/girl vocals. I also love the distortion and note-bending at the end. This song, to me, is a little genre journey, happily winding its way through indie, shoegaze and electronica. It all goes hand in hand and the result is a breath of fresh air.

Check out downloadables here, listen to more here, and look for their discs over at Darla.

Sweet Trip > Noise is a Social Skill

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Lynnie said...

Hi there,

I wonder do you have the lyrics to this song? I am searching for it everywhere but I found nothing, need it urgently for a good friend's wedding and I can't really decipher most part other than "you and I..." LOL.

Could you help? Please email me at lynnie_297@yahoo.com.au, thank you sooo much! (=