Nothing's left here but you

When I first read about Asobi Seksu's Acoustic at Olympic Studios album, my first reaction was "uhh, what?". Here you have a band that has made its name on noisy shoegazey ethereal pop music. And now they're turning off the fuzz? Really? I was skeptical but I had to hear it and, surprise, surprise; it works! I think the biggest thing for me is how sweet and strong Yuki's voice sounds when it's not buried underneath layers of guitars. My favorite track is Thursday, which comes off like a bedtime lullaby. It sounds so tender and loving, it makes me want to curl up and drift off to sleep as Yuki's voice echoes softly in my ears. Also on the album is a lovely cover of Leonard Cohen's Suzanne.

Asobi Seksu > Thursday (Acoustic)

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