Play It Cool

Still going through my box sets, I just ran into this song the other day. I don't know the specifics behind this song, like what was the motivation behind it? It's a great song that comes off like a PSA. Maybe it was written specifically for that purpose, but wouldn't the world be that much more cool if all PSAs were Motown songs? Maybe The Supremes singing a song about using protection during sex, or Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell delivering a fiery performance about the evils of crack cocaine (sort of like that James Brown/Marva Whitney duet I posted a while back, that would be awesome). You know, something like that. I think more peeps would be apt to listen when it's not some retarded jingle or some stuffy old white guy in a suit preaching to you. I love this lyric, it's oh so true: "just remember/this simple rule/to be the driver/and not the mule", sing it Brenda, you rock. If I had heard this song when I was a kid, I'd probably have a PhD by now. Well, maybe.

Brenda Holloway > Play It Cool, Stay In School


jennifer said...

This is awesome! Ace.

jennifer said...

YES! PSAs should definitely be as fabulous like this. A real proper fab song. Very clever, very cool. Aw.