One Room Disco

Speaking of new singles, Perfume have a new one coming at the end of the month, called One Room Disco. There are a couple covers for it, the red/white/blue cover is the limited edition (includes a DVD) and the dollhouse one is from the standard version. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this one, it might be a grower. The last one, Dream Fighter, bolted out of the gate and knocked my socks off the first time I heard it. This one lacks the immediacy of DF so far, but I'll be giving it more of a chance when the actual disc shows up in my mailbox. If you're actually interested in making a purchase, I usually head over to yesasia.com as they've got a ton of cool stuff to add to your collection.

*EDIT* sorry, I just kept the one pic of the limited edition, they were breaking so hopefully this work. If you'd like to see them both, head over to Perfume City.

Perfume > One Room Disco

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