Sing tomorrow's praise

So, I managed to get my paws on a copy of Asobi Seksu's newest album, Hush. (Fret not, I'm going to buy a copy when they play here in March, I've already booked my tickets.) After the initial shock of "Uhh, dude? Like, where did the guitars go?!", I'm warming up to the album. Maybe the copy I've got is not the final mix, so there is always that as well. However, I've been listening to it quite a bit and I'm reminded of Slowdive's Souvlaki album. Souvlaki is very pretty, lotsa chimey guitars, although they are sorta pushed to the back by the slick production. The drums and bass sound big, like really big, on both albums. The rest sounds sorta, I dunno, muted? It's very different from the last album, that's for sure. It's very polished and almost too pretty. Where Citrus was perhaps more shoegazey, Hush might be more in the neighborhood of dreamy, jangly pop. But that's just my amateur opinion, listen for yourself.

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