Be aware, my darling

I caught part of the School of Seven Bells' set the other night (They were supporting M83). They were really cool. Dreamy, luscious, swirling pop music with lovely, ethereal voices. I wish I had not missed most of their set. The voices come from twin sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza (formerly of On! Air! Library!). The third member is founder Benjamin Curtis, who was previously in Secret Machines. I picked up the SVIIB (I love that acronym) album for a tenner at the gig because they sounded so good. Reading about them a bit, the band name comes from the name of a "legendary pickpocket training academy". How cool is that? I am definitely a fan, now. I love this track, it's heavenly. Their album, Alpinisms, is out now. Chop chop.

School of Seven Bells > Half Asleep

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