Come on, smile!

Friday night, I was a last moment fill-in DJ for the Your Latest Crush gang. Cheers again to Aaron, Debbie, and Stuart for having me on. For the uninitiated, Your Latest Crush is an indiepop club night held on the last Friday of each month, over at the House of Shields in San Francisco. Definitely head down there and check it out. Those guys all know and love their indiepop. There are always at least five or six "OMG I can't believe you played that song!" moments, and the rest are "Oh, wow! What's this song?" moments. It's great fun. Also, House of Shields is one of the oldest bars, if not the oldest, in San Francisco and has a very cool atmosphere. So click the link up there and you'll discover pretty much all you need to know about Your Latest Crush.

This is the setlist I played.

Asobi Seksu > Merry Christmas, I Don't Want To Fight Tonight
The Four Pennies > When The Boy's Happy (The Girl's Happy Too)
Perfume > Plastic Smile
Lush > I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
Irma Thomas > Break-A-Way
Nick Lowe > So It Goes
Cloetta Paris > So Serious
David Bowie > Rebel, Rebel
J.J. Jackson > But It's Alright
PUFFY > Sayonara
Lesley Gore > Look of Love
The Clash > Hateful
The Pixies Three > Cold, Cold Winter
Yo La Tengo > Today Is The Day
Calexico > Love Will Tear Us Apart



jedipan said...

downloading the set now.. nice touch with the calexico track.. :)

robot hero said...

right on, dude. hope ya likes.