His shadow is cast wherever he stands

I had an old housemate, Chris, who was (and still is) a big fan of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Chris would play records for me while extolling the virtues of Mister Cave. I kinda liked it, but it didn't really catch on with me right away. They were touring in support of their "Best of" album; Chris had an extra ticket , so I went along to check it out and that's when it really hit me. I guess sometimes it takes a live performance to really catch one's attention. I was especially amazed with Red Right Hand, to me it sounded so different live. I loved the way he stalked the stage and how the band practically exploded in the middle and end sections of the song. Truly, a thing of beauty. CC and I are gonna go to the shows in a couple weeks, they're gonna be great.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds > Red Right Hand (live at the Royal Albert Hall)

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