I kissed a girl, won't change the world

Man, I don't even know how I landed on the page, but I have just read the most inane post I've read in a while. According to this guy, Katy Perry is pretty much the ultimate evil, comparing her to (gasp!) Pink and (OMG!) Alanis Morissette! Basically, he's crying about how Perry's song, I Kissed A Girl, is promoting unhealthy same-sex relationships. Then he wonders who is going to take on the parental duties, while he's at work, and shield his child from the horrors of homosexuality. Hello, retard, why don't you man up and parent your own child? You provide the foundation when (s)he is home with you. Stop trying to pass the buck, you can't expect someone else to do it for you.

Fucking hell, not only do I have to read about his ass-backwards morality (well, I didn't HAVE to, but you know what I mean), I also have to wade through scores of misspelled words and syntax errors. Dude, all those misspellings and typos really lessen the impact of whatever message you're trying to deliver. You obviously have a computer, at least use the fucking spellcheck. I can understand typing all in lowercase, I do it all the time. Spelling, however, is not optional.

Lastly, that Katy Perry song is terrible. The lesbian experimentation shock value makes it mildly amusing, if only to see the right-wing get all hysterical. Man, if my kid came home asking me about that song, I'd get upset just because it's a crappy-ass chart pop song, and I'd find him/her something better to listen to...like Jill Sobule's I Kissed A Girl. Maybe it's a novelty song, but at least it's not overproduced schlock aimed at the lowest common denominator music buyer. The video is cute, too. C'mon, it's Fabio! So, the moral of this story is CHART POP SUCKS. The same goes for people who are unwilling to accept responsibility for raising their own children.

Jill Sobule > I Kissed A Girl


Wood said...

A mate of mine who plays guitar and who is a girl who likes girls plays the Jill Sobule song as her party piece. I've never heard the original before, though.

jennifer said...

RIGHT ON!! Ever since I heard this atrocity, all I could think of was, 'Jill Sobule did it SO much better.'