You'll be on your knees tomorrow

I just thought of this the other day, for no real reason. I used to work with this guy, Joe E. He was (and probably still is) an abrasive guy. He meant well, it was just his tough guy exterior. So naturally, we argued about lots of things. It was fun to argue with him because he'd get really animated. One of the things we argued about was this; for some reason he believed Do It Again was performed by Santana. I have no idea why. I guess maybe musically, it sounds a little bit like something Santana would do, but I dunno. I mean, I kinda grew up with that song and I always knew it was Steely Dan. Plus, it was a fairly popular song, and I'd never heard anyone else get it confused with a Santana song.

This guy, Joe, wouldn't budge...even when I brought the album to work. When confronted with this, he said Steely Dan's version was a cover. Okay mister fucking smart guy...
Do It Again is on which Santana album? Of course, he didn't know. BUT, he was not wrong. Well, I got news for you, Joe E. (wherever you are); you were wrong then and you're wrong now, you crackhead. IN YOUR FACE!

Man, that was cathartic! I feel so much better now. I gotta do that more often.

Steely Dan > Do It Again

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shazrazzamatazz said...

I can see how he'd think that. It's the keyboard (!).

Trufact: this is one Dan song I like. ;)