I'm too proud for love

Okay, I am new to the world of Lykke Li. I saw her performing last Sunday and she was awesome. She's a total pop star, she's gonna be huge. It'll be a crime if she isn't. So yeah, I've been obsessing over her somewhat, this week. I've just seen this video of her and her band in a bathroom, doing I'm Good, I'm Gone. Awesome.

So check out her album, Youth Novels. It's produced by the Bjorn dude from Peter Bjorn and John. Listen to more music at her website, lykkeli.com, and at her myspXXX page. Make sure you listen to Little Bit, it's so fucking gorgeous. I've got a live version of it for you to check out here before you go traipsing out to those other sites.

Lykke Li > Little Bit (live @ SXSW)

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tiff said...

love love love this. also, i hope kyan grows up to rock that red moustache and reindeer sweater.