Yeah! The monkey speaks his mind!

One of my brothers was taking trumpet lessons in high school. The instructor had told him to check out this contemporary band called The Dirty Dozen Brass Band. So my brother had this CD called, The New Orleans Album, by The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, just checking out styles and seeing if he was into playing trumpet. One day, I happened to be around and my brother was telling me a bit about the album, but he wasn't into it as much as he thought he'd be, so I borrowed it and really enjoyed it...and I still have it.

My favorite song on the album is called The Monkey. It's a cover and was originally written in the 50s, I think, and that's about all I know of it's history. The lyrics are pretty amusing; it's about a few monkeys sitting around talking about how there's no way that humans could have descended from monkeys ("why, the very idea is a big disgrace!"), because the humans are all fucked up and monkeys just don't do that shit. I like how the guy sings, "Yeeeeeeeaaaaaah!", and the rest of the band says
"Yeeeeeeeaaaaaah!", then the main guy says, "The Monkey speaks his mind!"

Anyways, it's a really cool album, do give it a listen. I promise you'll like it. Even the great Elvis Costello shows up for guest vocal duties on the track, That's How You Got Killed Before. I have no idea why I never got around to checking out anything else of theirs, but it looks like they're still going strong, so it's probably about time.

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band > The Monkey


jennifer said...

The play button isn't working for me! The whole player thingee is showing up as a white blank bar. Yes, I have refreshed!

robot hero said...

it's working now, i think they were down for maintenance.

jennifer said...

That was funky fly fresh.