And she'll not hear a sound

I like Matt Johnson quite a bit. You can find his albums under the name, The The. His lyrics are thoughtful, frustated and angry; you can really tell that he cares about what's going on with the world and the people that inhabit it. One of my favorite tracks is December Sunlight, from the 45 RPM album. It's a fairly straightforward narrative about a girl who has simply had enough of all the shit her lover has given her. She's finally gathered up the courage to turn the corner and not look back.

Now, there are two versions of this song. As mentioned above, this is the version from 45 RPM, which is a compilation of singles and remixes. This version features drums, a little more production, and a girl called Liz Horsman, whom I know nothing about. The original version from Nakedself is Matt Johnson and a guitar or two (or maybe one guitar overdubbed). They are both fine tracks, but I prefer the vocal interplay between Matt and Liz.

You can hear and purchase more music over at his website, thethe.com.

The The > December Sunlight

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Stef said...

Blimey, I'd completely forgotten about The The; they were always around when i was a kid but, being a dumb kid, I never really got into it.

I shall have to have a little retrospective and that 45 RPM album seems like a good place to start. Cheers for the heads up!