It looked as if I picked your name out of a hat

I've been totally stuck on the New Pornographers' The Bleeding Heart Show for, I dunno, the past couple weeks. I love the way it starts up, very reserved and demure. It slowly builds, the voices playing off each other. When it all kicks it, it's bliss. Everyone singing hey la hey la hey la hey laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Then Neko starts singing "we have arrived too late to play bleeding heart show". I have no idea what it means but it sounds great. The drumming is fantastic, sounds almost as if he can barely restrain himself, like he's about to go off the rails. Love it.

The New Pornographers > The Bleeding Heart Show


jennifer said...

Oh no! That's the music (the chorus) for a commercial for adult education here. Oh no. I hate when adverts ruin songs like that. I hadn't heard this song before so that's all I can think of!

robot_hero said...

oh yeah, i've seen that commercial. haha, i totally forgot about it.