Get Come Back

So I've been offline for a few days (read: I forgot to pay my internet bill) and I am back. I mean, I was never really gone, but you know what I mean...and stuff. Anyways, this dude in Chile peeped me to this band called the Fleeting Joys, and they're from fucking Sacramento, which is like an hour and a half drive from here. The internet is making the world smaller and smaller, I tell ya. So yeah, this guy is into MBV (like, who isn't?) and pointed me towards the Fleeting Joys. The album, Despondent Transponder, is verrrry Loveless, I think it's pretty darn good. I'm especially taken with this particular track, Get Come Back. Fucking hell, it's just so, so gorgeous. I love it. Listen to them over at myspaXXX and buy their album over at Only Forever Recordings, which is their own label, I believe. Also, they are playing Cafe du Nord in early October, I think i'm gonna hit that gig.

Fleeting Joys > Get Come Back

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