Cruelist Heart

I can't decide whether this is complete crap or sheer genius. It's Misha, with Cruelist Heart, from their album, Teardrop Sweetheart. Musically, this track great. It sounds like a vintage Portishead or Massive Attack track. The vocals, however, are a completely different thing, hear it for yourself. If I had never heard it and someone randomly told me about it, I think I'd probably say it was shit without even giving it a chance. I think, though, that I'm leaning towards sheer genius. Simply put, it just works for me, although I can totally see why someone wouldn't like it. However, you can pick it up on Tomlab if you decide you like it. Even if you don't like this particular track, the rest of the album is worth the splash. It's kinda quirky pop with some beats and electronica flourishes, which is always good in my book.

Misha > Cruelist Heart


jennifer said...

Oh god, Jamie. There's not a cold chance in hell I'm going to overlook those vocals. I meant to tell you when you emailed me about them the other day that I couldn't get down with them. I was hoping that the pretty girl would sing, but even when there's not chipmunks vocals going on, the guy sang in that horrifying falsetto sounding like Mika or the Scissors Sisters. No no no. Making nice background music does not excuse one from making comedy crap vocals!

robot_hero said...

ha! did you listen to summersend? that one is goooooooood! (i swear!)