In this corner, it's The Jesus and Mary Chain > Head On

And in this corner, it's the Pixies > Head On

I gotta roll with the Pixies version, even though the JAMC are the originators of this one. There's no right or wrong answer, I just feel that the Pixies version simply has more fire to it.


Anonymous said...

i heard both again just to make sure... nothing compares to the original. pixies do a good job trying though... but my love goes to JAMC...100%. you can't beat the drums/snare/bass breakdown and needless to say... reid's voice. <3
def makes me wanna hear more JAMC.


Ben said...

you know how i love the pixies and i was going to say pixies, and then i listened to them both again and it's definitely JAMC for me.

jennifer said...

Christ. I choose...the Pixies' version? Never thought I'd say that! The style of the song is more suited to them.

This song is totally the JAMC sell out, isn't it? We were at a cheesy new wave club in Orlando with Civil Jar that showed videos, and this came on. We had to look over to the screens to see who it was, cos it could be any number of dark, 80s-sounding bands. It was JAMC! Even Brian, with his vastly different music taste than mine, had to think, 'ugh!'

It's not that bad, they've just done soooooooooooo much better.

robot_hero said...

Finally, someone on my side ^_^