Adventure's waitin' just ahead!

This is sorta music related, I guess. At the risk of dating myself, Speed Racer was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid. Oh man, the hours I used to spend in front of the television watching it. The thrills! The chills! The spills! I fucking loved it. I still kinda get goosebumps watching the show now. I was in love with Trixie, too. Man, she was hOtt! The original episodes have slowly been released on DVD, the final one about a month or two ago. I'd been trying for a while to find an mp3 of the show's closing theme. I really like it, but I couldn't tell you why. It just has this sorta jazzy, loungey feel to it which I think is cool, quite different from the opening theme. In any case, I finally found one after scouring the net for a while. I should just learn how to make sound clips off my DVDs.

Speed Racer - Opening Theme
Speed Racer - Closing Theme

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