Broken Flowers

I'm outta town for the rest of the week. I'm heading to a wedding (not mine) in Maine, so I'll leave with this. I've been listening to the Broken Flowers soundtrack quite a bit this week. There's a lot of cool tunes on here that I really know nothing about. The movie itself is very good, if you haven't seen it before. It's about a guy (Bill Murray) who receives an anonymous letter from an ex girlf telling him that he has a twenty year old kid. So Bill Murray sets off to visit a few of his exes from way back when to try and figure out who might be the mother of his child. The journey is unsettling and poignant and there are some fairly uncomfortable moments.

I felt like I identified with Bill Murray's character a little bit too much, and I don't know if that's good or bad. Credit Jim Jarmusch for creating such a realistic character, I guess. Also, the guy who plays Murray's neighbor (in the pic above) is fantastic and the woman who plays the neighbor's wife is lovely, she just seemed so sweet and down to earth. In any case, check it out if you haven't seen it and grab the soundtrack if you have a chance, it's worth it. Here's one of the tracks I really like.
Sorry, I haven't done my homework and I know nothing about the artist.

Dengue Fever > Ethanopium

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Stef said...

You indentify with the main character? is there something you're not telling us? ;-)

Have a good time in Maine and take lots of pics, it's a part of the world I'd like to go to some day.