I light the fires while the city sleeps

Okay, I'm back from holidays. Anyone miss me? Didn't think so. Right, so tonight I've been listening to the KCRW compilations. There are something like 7 or 8 titles, I've kinda lost count. I'm sure you could find out on their website if you are so inclined. Basically, they've been making comps which consist of live on-air performances from whomever they can get to come down to their studios and play. They've had a wide range of artists on the air, from Radiohead to Fiona Apple to Yo Yo Ma to Ryuichi Sakamoto. Seriously, there's something there for everyone. Look for the Morning Becomes Eclectic shows. They always have someone interesting being interviewed and playing live. Based in Santa Barbara, California, KCRW is one of the better internet radio stations I've come across.

I could probably write a whole shitload of posts about the tracks included on the KCRW comps, so I'll start with this one. One of my favorite KCRW performances is by MC 900 Ft. Jesus. Honestly, I really don't know much about the guy. This is the only track that I've ever heard and, while I really like it, I've never gone out to explore his catalog. This track, "The City Sleeps", has got a lazy hip-hop beat, I especially like the drums and the hi-hat action going on, it's just nice to hear an actual drumkit on a rap track. There's some scratching goin' on, too, but it's more in the background than anything. There's a pretty good keyboard solo in the middle. His delivery is low-key and smooth, the song is about some guy who goes around setting fires to buildings in the middle of the night. As an insomniac, the line, "Everyone has a little secret he keeps / I light the fires while the city sleeps", has a sort of double meaning for me, although I'm no longer a pyromaniac. As a child, I once set fire to a garbage can in our house and received the beating of my life...but that's another story.

Listen to this story:
MC 900 Ft. Jesus > The City Sleeps


Stef said...

Ooh, likin' this track a lot...

Welcome back dude. Of course I missed you, I haven't had a fix of kitch Japanese pop for ages! ;-)

robot_hero said...

I thought you might like it after you publicly declared your love for Tim Westwood.


Stef said...

He's my bitch!