You bring out the best in me, so there.

I've seen Malcolm Middleton before. It was a couple years ago at the Great American Music Hall in downtown San Francisco. His set was first, then The Magnolia Electric Co, then Arab Strap closed the joint down. I remember arriving right as MM was starting up. We headed straight for the bar to get a couple drinks and settle in. My friends (Chris, an old housemate, and his brother Michael) were really big fans of Arab Strap, and that was who they wanted to see. We talked, drank, and smoked. I don't smoke, but I went outside with them to hang out. We missed part of MM's set due to our vices, but we watched all of Magnolia and Arab Strap, both of whom were very good.

Later, we discovered that Middleton was basically the other half of Arab Strap. The thing I don't understand is how Chris and Michael, being fans and all, didn't know this. I mean, if I were going to see one of my favorite bands and one of the members was doing their own set beforehand, I'd most likely want to check it out. I have an excuse; I'm not a huge fan and I didn't know. This is probably to my detriment.

Fast forward to yesterday, I'm chatting with Ms. Berry. Usually, I'm the one sending her music that she doesn't like but she's too polite to tell me how awful it is. I mean, just read my previous posts on this page and you'll see how inconsistent my tastes are. Except for The Field Mice, that's Jen's post and it's probably the best post on this blog (I really hate that word. Hate.) Okay, back to the story. So we're chatting and she sends me this song (among others), "Best In Me" by Malcolm Middleton, and it's like I'm transported to another world. I stop everything I'm doing, I just sit there and absorb it and it's so heartachingly gorgeous. The lyrics, his voice, the music, the female backup singer's voice, the strings...everything. Give it a listen and tell me I'm wrong.

Malcolm Middleton > Best In Me


jennifer said...

Aww, Malcolm. I missed his opening set, too, on that tour cos I went to see the Aislers Set before the Arab Strap gig. It was a night of hardcore xxx. But I saw him open for the Delgados a short time later. Boy, did he seem pissed off. But I love him. He makes you want to take care of him, show him what love can be like. Oh!

idleberry said...

you're a fibber. I do not hate the music I get from you!

(it's the poison pen letters that accompany them that I have issues with...)