Best use of a squeaky toy in a song

And the winner is: Four Tet > Slow Jam

Bonus points to anyone who can figure out what the girl is saying at the beginning of the song. I sure can't.
You can also check this out on the "Rounds" album, which I like quite a bit. The Four Tet website is here.

It's been a long week around here, I've been playing host to two Scots and a Spaniard. I've been hanging out and drinking excessively at night and propping myself up at my desk during the day. They took off this morning, so it's sorta back to normal. I think there are one or two guest posts coming, perhaps in the coming weeks. I'll have to bug some peeps.


Stef said...

Two Scots and a Spaniard? How's your liver now? That must have been quite a session. In my experience Scots drink hard and fast and the Spanish drink all night. Put the two together...

Sounds fantastic! Deadly but fantastic. :-)

*shakes head*

robot_hero said...

I almost made it thru the whole week, but ended up pulling a sickie on Friday. Oh well, at least I got a three-day weekend out of it.