Okay, enough of the crap. What happened was I had a run-in with an ex after not having spoken to her in three years. Seriously, I've been seeing red all week.

Fuck it, I'm drunk and I'm over it.

This song by The Album Leaf makes me think of rain. It's really pretty and it kinda lulls you into this cocoon. Well, it does for me, so there. They're playing San Francisco in July, they've got a new album coming in September, and you can check out some of their stuff on myspace. And he's got that sweet tattoo on his right arm, which you can kinda see in this pic.

The Album Leaf > Wet The Day


Stef said...

Sounds like you've had a fun couple of days. Getting drunk and listening to angry music is always a good call I reckon. ;-)

Exes are a nightmare, I keep moving cities which makes the likelyhood of that happening somewhat less thank god.

Enjoy your weekend dude.

robot_hero said...

Thanks man, you too