a sheep in wolf's clothing

perhaps it was the desert heat, or it might have been the fact that i was doped up on decongestants all weekend, but i didn't really like rilo kiley when i saw them at coachella last year. fast forward to a couple weeks ago, the time i fell in love with jenny lewis' album. i decided to give RK another try, so i downloaded a handful of tracks and they turned out to be pretty cool. maybe i'm just infatuated with that voice of hers right now (umm...yeah, she's pretty cute, too...) but i've revised my opinion on RK.

it's a hit (is it me or do sleighbells really make a pop song that much better? this could be a whole topic by itself)
the good that won't come out

rilokiley.com (official site -- pick up their cd's on the cheap!)
(fansite -- lotsa goodies!)


Stef said...

She -or her photographer- seem to specialise in upskirt shots too! I did a quick google and most of the pics had a similar angle going on!

robot_hero said...

no complaints here