you are what you love and not what loves you back

i recently acquired a copy of "rabbit fur coat", by jenny lewis with the watson twins. my buddy, jennifer, gets another mention. she said i would probably like this album given my neko case obsession, and she was correct. i absolutely adore this album, i've been listening to it constantly for the past week. standout tracks for me are "rise up with fists", "you are what you love", "melt your heart", and "handle with care" (yeah, the traveling wilburys song). they've just finished a uk tour (they were on the bbc the other day) and next month they'll be here in san francisco, i'm definitely gonna catch that gig.

jenny lewis is also in another band called rilo kiley. i've heard a few tracks which were good, but didn't jump out at me the way this album has. last year, i caught part of rilo kiley's set at coachella but they didn't impress me much, although it could have been the desert heat. however, i think i'm gonna try out rilo kiley again to see if i've overlooked something. her voice is really pretty, definitely worth a second try. i'm also interested in hearing the watson twins. they've just released their first album, according to their website.

download: rise up with fists (live bbc)
download: you are what you love (live bbc)
download: melt your heart (live bbc)

*note: these are yousendit links (as usual). you can download the entire session at rbally.net, i did.

links links links
rilo kiley
the watson twins
team love (label) they have a couple mp3s for download


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Is it shallow of me to say I want her fringe (bangs)?

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