slight return

it's still a little sore, but i've pretty much recovered from my shoulder injury. it's taken two long months. this past friday, i made my return to hockey. the team made it to the playoffs. the deal was win the game, then play the championship game immediately afterwards. lose the game, then go for beers, no big deal. we won both games. i even scored a shorthanded goal in the first game, thanks to chuck's excellent play. he did all the legwork, all i had to do was tap the puck over the goal line. sandra and francine played all of both games, as we had no other female subs, and they were amazing. i think they spurred the guys to play that much harder because we knew they were getting tired.

anyways, we beat Ball & Chain (first game) and the Hamstars (championship game)...two teams that have pretty much had their way with us as of late, which made the wins that much sweeter. we got some crappy bladium (that's the name of the rink) hats for our efforts, but you know...i'm gonna wear that hat because we fucking earned it big time.

memo to ivy of the Hamstars: tell your boyfriend to keep his fucking mouth shut. if he's gonna talk shit, he really should start playing and back it up. it's one thing to boo the opposing team (and there's nothing wrong with that), but it's downright disrespectful when you make personal remarks (about people you don't even know) and friends of the team are around. show some fucking class.

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