dream a little dream...

i just woke up from a dream about my sister. in the dream, these two guys had climbed into the back of our truck while we were stopped at a red light. they took all the boxes of bottled water we had in the back and they were carrying it off to sell it. then, i had found out that someone had a key to my stepmother's apartment, so we drove my stepmother home and went inside with her to make sure she was okay. she had an enormous pool inside her apartment, so my sister and i decided to swim a bit to relax.

i was under the water's surface when i saw a baby shark following my sister. somehow, i managed to get her attention and motioned for her to swim faster. i was able to catch up to the baby shark and grab it. i held it while my sister swam back to the apartment. i saw too, while clutching the shark. i was still holding the shark when i got out of the water and i walked around the apartment to make sure everything was cool. i had been out of the water for a while when i realized my arms were tense and tired from still holding the struggling shark. i walked back to the pool. i placed the shark back in the water and after a minute of reorienting itself, it swam away. that was when i woke up. what could it mean?

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