the innocence mission

i've been listening to a fair bit of the innocence mission this weekend. i think i've finally collected most, if not all, of their releases. that one lakes of canada promo single is a bitch to find, but i did manage to get mp3s of it. the gus gus remix of snow is especially good. their regular releases are as follows:

  • the innocence mission
  • umbrella
  • glow
  • birds of my neighborhood
  • small planes
  • befriended
  • christ is my hope
  • now the day is over

it's difficult to pin down a favorite, they're all very good. i don't know which one to suggest to you, either, as you can't go wrong with any of them. i guess i'll go out on a limb and say that glow is my fave, as it sounds really....complete. not exactly a gushing endorsement, but you'll have to trust me on this one. i guess they could be classified as a christian band, but their lyrics aren't as straightforward as many of the bands of that genre. the songs hint at it, but they don't come off as preachy. karen peris' voice is absolutely gorgeous and most of the music is sparsely arranged, especially after the first three albums. they really have gotten better with time. check out their site, there are a few mp3s to sample.

a list of ten favorite IM songs (no particular order) for you to check out:

  • today (small planes)
  • the lakes of canada (birds of my neighborhood)
  • everything's different now (glow)
  • every hour here (umbrella)
  • one for sorrow, two for joy (befriended)
  • mercy (the innocence mission)
  • small planes (small planes)
  • 500 miles (christ is my hope)
  • bright as yellow (glow)
  • snow - gus gus remix (lakes of canada single)

enjoy ^_^


Gordon said...

What are they like?

robot_hero said...

their recent stuff is acoustic folk, i guess. the first three albums are more produced, i guess those would compare to the sundays. there's a dreamy quality that runs through seemingly all of their material. i think it's mainly her voice, and partly her husband's guitar work.