Theoretical Girl's Advent Calendar 2012

In what has become one of my favorite Christmas traditions, Theoretical Girl is posting a song a day up to Christmas as part of her Advent Calendar series. Some of them are Christmas-y, some of them are just good old-fashioned covers, but they're all really cool and free. This is her fourth year doing it, I believe; I first stumbled onto her way back in 2009. Check out her Soundcloud page and get thee to downloading. She's on Day 8 as of this posting. I might actually post the previous three projects as .rars if I can get motivated at some point.

In any case, you can also keep up with the current Advent Calendar by stopping by the Theoretical Girl Facebook page and/or you can follow her Twitter feed. Her album, Divided, is very good as well, if you like what you're hearing and want to check out her original material.


jedipan said...

that picture is out of this world gorgeous.. god bless us everyone, indeed.. :)

Rod said...

Thanks for sharing this find. Love it. It'd be great if you could post the earlier years songs (2009 & 2010) sometime - as I missed them and the links on her blog are mostly broken now..