Happy holidays!

Now that Christmas is upon us, I have a few gifts for whomever reads this page. I've taken the liberty of uploading Theoretical Girl's previous Advent Calendars. I've posted 09, 10 and 11. These files are all mp3s, as I like to burn mp3 discs to play in my car.  I'm pretty sure I've updated all of the metadata, but let me know if something is amiss.

This year's Advent Calendar is readily available on the Theoretical Girl Soundcloud page (and check out her album here), it should be easy to grab those.

Then, there is my Xmas mix which I posted about here. Check the comments if you're interested in hearing it.

Finally, there is the mix of my favorite songs from 2012 that I concocted, right here. Again, check the comments.

All this stuff, and this page on the whole, I mostly do it for my own amusement and it gives me something to write every once in a while. Even if it's just a couple sentences about some song I like. And, that's that.

Happy holidays from Robot Hero!


Anonymous said...

Thankyou :)


panic mode said...

Right on, man. Happy new year!