Thanks for the Christmas card

Like most relationships, it didn't end amicably. She said she still wanted him to be in her life, that she wanted to be friends, but it's never that easy. She spouted platitudes and cliches so effortlessly, like she'd seen in a thousand terrible romantic comedies; almost as if the words actually meant something. Man, if only life were as simple as a terrible romantic comedy.

At first, the texts and emails were fairly frequent and regular; full of polite banter and small talk, as if they had just met. As the months passed, the messages dwindled into silence. She had completely cut him out of her life, but he still felt the pain, the heartache. There had once been a time when he thought she was the one, but she obviously didn't receive the memo. He finally realized he was no more fleeting or anonymous than a rest stop along her life's highway. Get out, stretch her legs, admire the view; then it's time to hit the road. "Yeah, yeah," the words echoing in his mind as he eyed her return address, "Thanks for the Christmas card." He lifted the glass to his lips and closed his eyes...

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