Celebration Day

Tonight, I went to a screening of Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day. Disclaimer: I've never been a huge Zeppelin fan, I heard way too much of them in high school, but I certainly like them. I totally respect them and will pull out an album from time to time, but the stoners in high school pretty much killed off most of my enthusiasm for the band.

I remember reading about this show when it was first announced and didn't think much of it back then and never really heard anything after it happened. I read about this screening the other day (it would be a one-time screening) and again, I was skeptical, but I decided to check it out anyways. Imagine my surprise. It's absolutely jaw-dropping, start to finish. Seriously.

Yeah, Robert Plant can't hit the high notes like he used to but he still commands the stage. Jimmy Page shows up in a big way, showing he's still a master. John Paul Jones' bass and keyboards are excellent and Jason Bonham more than fills in for his late father, John Bonham; he plays like he belongs up there with those three legends.

They looked loose and playful while the musicianship was immense and tight. There was a moment before the first encore when Jimmy Page affectionately rubbed Jason Bonham's head. It made me think of how those three guys saw Jason as a child so many years ago and now there he was, a man honoring his father.

This wasn't the cash-in that I originally thought it might be. These guys played their hearts out while honoring (Atlantic Records founder) Ahmet Ertegun, John Bonham and their own legacy. They had fun and it showed.

The crowd in the theater was sparse, maybe around 20 people. There was a kid to my left, early to mid 20s, fist-pumping throughout the entire film. There was an older woman in front of me, easily in her 60s, her head nodding along to every song. There were a couple burnout looking hippies. There was a 20ish girl sitting alone at the other end of my row. Nearly everyone cheered and clapped after each song. A couple people would yell out in appreciation during a Page solo or when Plant would somehow find that extra gear and ratchet up the intensity. Standard concert behaviour. It was almost like being there, probably as close as I'll ever get to seeing Led Zeppelin live, and perhaps one of the very few times where you wouldn't mind people making that kind of noise in a movie theater. It was definitely a riveting experience.

If you like rock n' roll. If you think you like rock n' roll. See this now. They may be older now, but Led Zeppelin will show you how it's done.

Check out the trailer below. The BD, DVD and CDs will be out next month, on November 19th.


We could be the greatest

One of my favorite songs of 2012.


It Came from the 70s!

One of the benefits(?) of being unemployed is that I can spend lots of time making mixes. I've previously done the 80s and 90s, and now here is my version of the 70s. This one took me nearly a couple months of tinkering, adding and deleting and re-adding. It was kinda fun, really, there was a lot of stuff I'd forgotten about. Some of it for good reason. In any case most of these are just songs I loved as a kid, a few of these bands I've gotten into late; but they're all from the 70s in all their glory. Tracklist after the jump and check the comments for the r*a*r files. Enjoy.


In case you've missed it, Godspeed You! Black Emperor are back with a new album called Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!. Despite the unwieldy title, this is another fine entry in the GYBE catalog. Apparently they've been selling copies of the album on their current tour, although they weren't available when I saw them last April. In any case, someone was kind enough to post the entire album and you can listen to it in full without even leaving this page. (You wouldn't want to leave this page, right? Right?)


Somebody isn't faking, someone's heart is breaking

Reading a really good article about power pop, I was recently reminded of Utopia's self-titled 1982 album. Chock full of great, catchy pop songs; man, I used to play this album to death. I love the way they really thrown themselves, vocally, into the songs. It's like they think these might be the last songs they'll ever sing.

Utopia - Bad Little Actress

I'm tired of feeling like I'm fucking crazy

I like this video, the opening monologue has a David Lynch feel to it. The song itself is magnificent as far as I'm concerned. You'll be able to find this on the Paradise Edition of Born To Die, which is coming next month and features 8 new tracks.


You make me feel like I'm the enemy

Minutes turn into hours into days into months. We used to have fun, now you make me feel like I'm the enemy.

The Raveonettes - The Enemy


Show me your scars

Frankie Rose's Pair of Wings is by far one of the loveliest songs I've heard this year. Frankie is a she, and she's ex Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts and Dum Dum Girls, if you need a pedigree. Check out her album, Interstellar, it's worth the time.

Frankie Rose - Pair of Wings