Someone still loves you

So, today is the birthday of Freddie Mercury. Queen is one of the bands I wish I'd seen in their heyday. The first time I'd heard of them was around 75-76ish, around the time of A Night at the Opera. Bohemian Rhapsody, of course, was all over the radio. I bought the You're My Best Friend 45 and '39 was the flipside. My god, I loved those songs and I played that record to death. I remember they came through the Bay Area when Jazz was released, that must have been sometime in 78 or 79, but my dad wouldn't let me go. The Game came out after that and I loved it, but I somehow missed that tour as well. I probably would not have been allowed to go, anyways; dad wasn't into that scene.

I lost track of Queen for a good chunk of the 80s; The Flash Gordon, Hot Space and The Works era. A Kind of Magic came out in 86, they had a couple songs in the movie, Highlander, and that made me take notice again.

So yeah, Queen is probably my biggest musical regret, as in not having seen them live. For some people, it might be Led Zeppelin before John Bonham died, or The Who with Keith Moon. Mine is Queen with Freddie Mercury. A few years ago, they came through here with Paul Rodgers, but I couldn't convince myself to attend. It's just not the same without Freddie Mercury. Thankfully, we still have the music.

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