Going round and round

Last night, I drank what I'm fairly certain was some bad tequila. It's the kind of tequila that you can get for $2 a shot when you go to a local bar for happy hour after work. I had 3 shots and 2 beers, I wasn't even close to drunk. Later in the evening, after I'd been home for a while, I felt sick to my stomach. Majorly queasy. The kind of feeling where you set a bucket next to where you're going to lie down. I'm not a lightweight drinker, I've been able to hold my own for quite some time now. I might even go as far to describe myself as borderline alcoholic. I think this was just really bad booze. Rotgut, or something like that.

So I slept it off, thankfully, without further incident. I seem to remember my dreams being of the past. For some reason, I think my high school girlfriend showed up in one of the dreams. She broke my heart the year after we finished high school, but I still wonder about her every now and then. It's only natural, right?

I think the reason she popped into my head is because I was listening to The Cars the other day. She absolutely adored that band, it was her favorite. I had their first album, which I thought was great, but hadn't gone further than that for whatever reasons. I'm sure I would have listened to the rest of the catalog at some point, but knowing a fan like that sped up that decision, and I really liked the band. Great pop songs.

Listening to The Cars, after she had ditched me, became an exercise in torture, so I gave them up for a long time. Luckily, I am old now and so much time has passed that I can appreciate them now without feeling ten kinds of suicidal. Sometimes, though, just sometimes, I'll wonder whatever happened to that girl.

The Cars - I'm Not The One


RIP Amy Winehouse

*Edit* There is a very well-written obituary from the Onion's AV Club here. I felt like I was seeing a lot of tsk-tsk'ing and "I told you so" wherever I was on the internet and it just felt like snarky barbed-wire cheap shots. I'm probably no better, but I dunno, it seemed overwhelming to me. In any case, I feel the AV Club post has righted the ship somewhat.


I've been a temptress for too long

After all these years, I'll be seeing Portishead on American soil this fall. I saw them in 97 at the Warfield and they were phenomenal.

Also, it's a good reason to post my favorite Beth Gibbons pic.