Come and get a smile

I recently discovered Ringo Deathstarr for myself and wish I had been there from the start. I'd seen their name around, but didn't really give them the time of day due to the novelty band name. Someone posted a clip on Twitter and I reluctantly decided to give them a try and my jaw dropped when the song began to play. Great pop songs with lots of fuzzy guitars. This one reminds me of The Primitives, whom I adored, from way back when. Short, sweet and leaves me begging for more.

I've read posts/articles here and there talking about how they sound like this band or that band, and yeah, they do. Speaking for myself, I don't really care too much about who is borrowing from whom. This is the sort of sound I love and if it's done well, then so what? I don't know, maybe it's just me but I don't care...this stuff cooks.

Ringo Deathstarr - So High


It's okay if you scream like a girl

Cutest video I've seen in a while. Donora's The Chorus. The song is pretty catchy, too.