We can't hide the way it makes us glow

Lately, I've been addicted to Beach House's Take Care. I love the warm feeling of the song, the way it gently floats on a spring breeze. The way Victoria Legrand sings "I'll take care of you/take care of you/that's true" is dreamy and comforting, helped along by a little bit of reverb. It's something you'd whisper to a loved one in the darkest of nights as you are finally drifting to sleep just before dawn breaks.

You can find this on Beach House's excellent album, Teen Dream. While I'm talking about it, I can't say that I love the first couple albums (Beach House and Devotion), but they kept me interested enough to keep following. Teen Dream dropped (earlier this year) and blew me away. It's utterly gorgeous.

Beach House > Take Care

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