We'll always be together, however far it seems

So this came up elsewhere on the interweb a week or two ago. Basically, someone compared the Lali Puna version of Together In Electric Dreams to the original Human League version. Personally, I like them both but I prefer the Lali Puna take. Another person said that the LP track fails to recreate the euphoria of the original track. Maybe I could kinda see that, but to me they are two different songs. To me, the Human League version is meant to be sung by church choirs on the tops of mountains or buildings, or maybe in a stadium full of people. It's a pretty cool song, even in its 80s Giorgio Moroder inspired cheesiness. I feel like the Lali Puna version is like a whispered promise between two lovers who are wrapped up in darkness. It's the same song, yeah, but I feel like LP twisted it and went in the opposite direction. But, that's just my take on it.

The Human League > Together in Electric Dreams

Lali Puna > Together in Electric Dreams


jennifer said...

I like both versions; probably prefer the Human League but only because I love the high-octane 80s synth pop! I think I agree, too, with your assessment of the feel of both tracks. There is room for both!

robot hero said...

room for both...totally.

roguetemple said...

I remember liking the movie, didn't piece the lali puna connection, yeah both are gud