Give us all your money, and three Big Macs to go

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to post this as well. A few of us are going to Mexico for New Year's Eve. Naturally, there have been quite a few emails going back and forth. Everytime one pops up in my inbox, I always think of Beck's Mexico. I'm hoping that our little group will stage an impromptu armed robbery of a McDonald's in Southern California, and then hightail it, Vanishing Point style, across the border and live on the beaches of Mexico, at least until the commotion dies out. You know, like the ending of Shawshank Redemption. "Suck on this, you weasel, we're going to Mexico." That'd be fucking cool.

I grabbed this track from the KCRW
Rare On Air Volume 1 compilation.

Beck > Mexico


jennifer said...

Uh, ok. I'm in?

robot hero said...

hehe, HELL YEAH!!!

michelle said...

reading your blog regularly now, i noticed that you always choose the most awesome pictures to go with your post, like i love this one of beck and the previous one of feist... do you just find them from googleimages or something? because you always pick choice ones. :)

robot hero said...

thanks! yeah, i think mainly google images. sometimes flickr or fansites.