Don't miss the brightest star

So this one is an oldie, I guess. It was originally released in 1980, so yeah. It's the always wonderful Kate Bush singing December Will Be Magic Again. I was a latecomer to her music, my introduction was around the release of Hounds of Love (85-ish). This was one of the first Kate non-album tracks I ever heard. I never owned this single, I first heard it on one of the b-sides discs from the This Woman's Work box set (which, at $250, is the single most expensive title I've ever purchased). The lyrics are classic Kate, singing about gently covering up lovers and sparkling the dark up, in-between references to Bing Crosby and Oscar Wilde. As long as Kate is around, December will always be magic.

Kate Bush > December Will Be Magic Again


michelle said...

it's funny, the first two real cds i bought in my life- when i was around 14 (before that i was listening to tapes)- were kate bush- the red shoes, and kate bush- the whole story, both at the same time. it was weird because at the time i'd gotten most of my music suggestions from friends and my older sister- we were all listening to music like the lemonheads, smashing pumpkins, violent femmes, which isn't i suppose such a jump to kate bush but is not exactly the kind of natural progression from say- as you posted- artists like tori amos.

anyway, i never really played kate bush for them, it was kind of my own thing. i somehow remember distinctively feeling really lonely one night and the radio had played "running up that hill" and it just really affected me right then, and so that's how i came to discover her music, and went out and bought those cds. i still have them, despite moving about 10 times since then, and losing many other albums in the process.

i also remember feeling really happy when my mom heard me playing kate bush back then and she really liked her voice (my mom used to be a radio singer in korea)... that's really rare- i think the only other musician(s) i've played for my mom that she enjoyed was "belle and sebastian"... but then other music i like she couldn't stand (one good example is bright eyes: "how can you listen to his voice? it's HORRIBLE!" haha)

i wonder if you've shared music with your mom and if she liked it?

oh yeah, this is getting really too long but i just wanted to add that the "robothero" title is way awesome ( i have one item on my "google reader" and that's "music.for.robots" which i added mostly by faith of the blogname, which ended up posting some pretty good songs)...
also, did you photoshop the banner picture yourself?
(sorry i'm kinda nerdy about website design appreciation)


robot hero said...

man, my friends routinely ridiculed me for my love of kate bush. those fuckers. they just didn't understand.

i recently tried to get my dad to listen to some of my musics, but he wasn't havin it. we completely disagree when it comes to art (music, movies, books).

and yes, i made the banner myself. sick one saturday and sat there, barely able to move and just started playing around with images.

the name "robot hero" comes from a song by this japanese girl, tujiko noriko. look her up! i was completely obsessed with the song a few years ago and started using the name.