Hey Morrissey, I have something to say to you

You once sang:
In America
The land of the free
they said
And of opportunity
In a just and a truthful way
But where the president
is never black
female or gay
and until that day
you've got nothing to say to me
to help me believe

Time to retire that song, eh buddy?

To quote Flavor Flav:
Step back, we got a black quarterback!

Morrissey > America Is Not The World


jedipan said...

i love morrissey and i love that song, but it makes me happy to know that it now is a historical piece.. america, tonight, just changed.. :)

robot hero said...


jim said...


myopicfriend said...

hahahaha I never thought of that song becoming irrelevant until just now!

Ben said...

Hooray for Moz! Hooray for Obama! Hooray!

jennifer said...

Hahahaha! Sharon pointed this out on her blog. I'd totally forgotten about this Morrissey song cos it's not that good! (*ducks*) Awesome catch! :D :D