You could be a shadow

I only found out recently; I never knew the Breeders'
Drivin On 9 was a cover song. After you get through the fuzz and distortion of Last Splash, Drivin' On 9 is a sorta breath of fresh air before they give you one last blast of noise. The song has a certain folksy charm and simplicity to it. So I find out that the original is done by a band called Ed's Redeeming Qualities and I dig it up. The main difference is the gender of the singer. Both versions sound like a happy song, but there's an underlying sadness to it. The ERQ version speaks more about an accidental pregnancy along with a shotgun wedding, while the Breeders version changes up the lyrics a bit to suit Kim Deal's gender. I don't think you can go wrong with either version, I really like them both. In any case, you can find the Breeders track on their album, Last Splash; and the Ed's Redeeming Qualities track on their album, Big Grapefruit Cleanup Job.

The Breeders > Drivin' On 9

Ed's Redeeming Qualities > Drivin' On 9

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